My experience with FAE Drones was great. I was introduced to the drone world by Mihai starting from the most basic, which was more less how the components work, how it's wired and distributed. This helped me a lot to understand dronning since all the frequencies and terms were new for me. Also I had great support to learn to fly, I hadn't flown any device before the FAEs drone. One of the best things has been the great support after and tips from the fae team which has been right away. I acquired an hexacopter which responds great, I've been flying it at 3000+m over the sea so I'm very satisfied with the whole  FAE experience.

Andrees Monterubio - UNAM Mexic

Before buying my first drone , I've decided to take  pilot courses. I've learned about technical and practical elements from the professionals and I can say that it was a great start. The courses also helped me and to choose the right drone. I like to fly, but I wanted a business and so the FAE drone school was the first step.

 Bogdan Brezeanu


Partener Greenpeace

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Trainings are organized on request and address exclusively to companies that implement services with FAE professional drone

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