Specialized Topography course

This course is designed for companies who wish to train personnel already experienced in airborne UAV to achieve professional results in topographical projects.

Using drones specific topographical georeferenced photogrammetric flights can be made with computer-generated flight plan and executed automatically UAV. The series of aerial photographs has over 60% coverage longitudinal and lateral resolution of 4 cm / pixel, and are perfectly orthogonal constant altitude.

The access to this module is allowed only after graduating the Use and maintenance of the UAV Aerial platform course, the General FPV course and the Specialized Photo Course.

Course content

  • Real flying practical scenarios using FAE drones
  • Mission Planner- software for making autonomous missions, instructions for autonomous missions
  • AgiSoft- photogrammetric processing software
  • 2D digital surface model orthophotomap geotif (topographic map)
  • Digital elevation model (DEM)
  • 3D digital surface model
  • DTM links automatically generated based or restraining lines
  • Mosaics
  • Plans situation contour
  • Data support for territorial planning
  • Oblique Aerial Images
  • Aerial images ortorectificate
  • Mapping regions with a high degree of variability (Delta, meadows, areas affected by erosion, transport and storage) with high temporal resolution
  • Coastal Mapping
  • Mapping disaster areas

Duration: 2 days, including one hour each day in the laboratory acquiring theoretical photogrammetric knowledge,  and 3 hours for flying using FAE drones on the training field

Price: 2880 lei (19% VAT included)

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Trainings are organized on request and address exclusively to companies that implement services with FAE professional drone

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