Specialized Video Course

The course is designed for companies that require high video quality pickup from the air and want to train personnel to carry out aerial video professionally.

To achieve aerial filming we use drones that fly over buildings in the area of ​​direct visibility. Live images are transmitted to the ground from the drone, and are also stored on the memory card from the board. Filming is made at 4K resolution with 30 fps or 1080p High Definition up to 120 frames per second.

The access to this module is allowed only after graduating the course "Use and maintenance of the UAV Aerial platform"  and the "General FPV" course.

Course content:

  • Real flying and practical scenarios using FAE drones
  • Drone-camera system: factors to be taken into account in choosing the equipment
  • Camera stabilizer - "Brushless 3-axis"  Video - operation, configuration, description
  • Flight characteristics for aerial filming: altitudes, angles, orientation, speed
  • Autonomous shooting with pre-programmed markers using "Mission Planner"- autonomous missions, instructions for autonomous missions
  • Image processing

Duration: 2 days, including one hour each day in the laboratory for acquiring the theoretical knowledge,  and 3 hours of flying on the training field

Price: 1000 lei (19% VAT included)

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Trainings are organized on request and address exclusively to companies that implement services with FAE professional drone

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