Ing. Dragu Mihai has 17 years experience in telecommunications  field and 5 years in construction and piloting drones, and he is the one who introduced and promoted services performed by UAVs on a professional level in Romania.

His contributions are found both in the area of ​​research by improving software and procedures approved internationally and in the entrepreneurial area by offering superior  and precision  services compared to conventional alternatives.

Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority cooperates and supports the work of engineer Mihai Dragu, giving him 'grand father rights' for training new pilots drones, as a producer.

The postgraduate Pedagogy Courses and Trainer Courses which qualify him for the position of instructor are complemented by the passion and perseverance with which approaches  this niche area

The transition from 'need to know' to 'need to share' becomes natural, giveing his students technical knowledge but also standards of work and passion, desire for improvement.

Partener Greenpeace

Info courses

Trainings are organized on request and address exclusively to companies that implement services with FAE professional drone

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